Property Lease Manager

by CyberLoft

A must have Property Rental Management platform for landlords

What is Property Lease Manager

Property Lease Manager is a rental management platform which assists landlords in the running of their rental property business by organizing and maintaining information about their properties, tenants and property rentals. One can use both the web interface and the mobile app to manage their rental properties.

Simplify your leasing process and stay organized effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily track and manage all your property leases in one place. Keep essential information at your fingertips, such as lease terms, payment details, and tenant contacts. Receive automated reminders for rent collection and lease renewals, ensuring you never miss a deadline. Streamline communication with tenants through built-in messaging features. From residential properties to commercial spaces, Property Lease Manager empowers landlords and property managers with efficiency and peace of mind.

Breathtaking Dashboard

Manage your properties from a tailor made dashboard that focuses on the most important stuff that you want to see. All of your rentals managed under one hood and everything is accessible within a few clicks.

Never miss a payment!

Track your payments and never lose track of your leases through notifications for due and overdue payments.

Monitor your Rental Performance

The platform is built with charting and monitoring tools which enable landlords to capture highly informative insights into the revenues versus expenses generated by the properties over time.

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Property Lease Manager greatly improves productivity and efficiency in organizing your rental properties. Eliminate all the hassle in managing your rental revenues and expenses over time. Don't waste time collecting payment information and generated expenses. Let your work be at the hands of an ever evolving platform that is tailored made to meet landlord requirements.

View your profits generated after calculating revenues and expenses. Collect information through lease payment entries and property expenses. Generate reports for monthly or annual periods. Get insights into your data with enhanced and real-time visual infographics. Reduce manual administration and boost business development opportunities.

Why Property Lease Manager

Property Lease Manager eases the landlord's time-consuming paperwork into manageable record keeping process by ensuring a seamless working environment equipped with numerous tools which empower the property rental management business. Keeping track of property leases would be extremely burdenless and this would be experienced by the landlord within minutes of starting to use the platform. The system was designed with ease of use in mind and a pleasure to work with. Reports are generated for the income and expenses by property in a timely manner or on demand - you choose!

Try the Demo Dashboard

Take the dashboard experience and get a glimpse into the look-and-feel of the platform itself. Simply click on the button below to login with the demo account and see for yourself how the entire platform works.

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